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Table of contents

Discrete Mathematics

This module helps hone your skills in thinking abstractly. It also introduces you to many of the discrete models used to help understand and design computational systems. Through this module, you’ll develop the fundamental discrete mathematical tools that will support you during the BSc degree. Particular attention is paid to notions of experimentation, reasoning and generalisation.


Topics covered

See this fabulous mind map for more details.


One two hour unseen written examination and coursework (Type I)

Module specification

Past exams

See past exams here.



Additional reading

Complementary learning

Essential reading

“The essentials readings for this course will come from the following text book, which is available in the University of London digital library:

This course does not require you to read the whole book, you will be given specific readings for each topic from these texts are listed with direct links on the Readings page for each topic. You will also be asked to do some independent research from online sources or using the University of London digital library.”

Solutions to problems in the textbook Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

Examples of past and current written exams

Kinks to be aware of

Mathematical symbols

:heart: Notes


Supplementary videos

Weeks in the module Resource
1 & 2 Sets TheTrevTutor DM Video 1-9
3 & 4 Functions TheTrevTutor DM Video 51-56
5 & 6 Propositional logic Logic in Philosophy and Mathematics
7 & 8 Predicate logic Logic in Philosophy and Mathematics
9 & 10 Boolean Algebra Karnaugh maps - (watch 4.2.1 - 4.2.5)
11 & 12 Induction and recursion - TrevTutor
- Math for CS - MIT (Lecture 1, 2, 3, 14 and 15 and reading from MCS notes)
13 & 14 Graphs - Math for CS - MIT (Lecture 6 to 10 and reading from MCS notes)
- FreeCodeCamp - Algorithms Course - Graph Theory Tutorial from a Google Engineer (focuses more on implementation than theory)
15 & 16 Trees Partly covered in Math for CS - MIT videos for 13/14.
17 & 18 Relations Math for CS - MIT (Lecture 11 and reading from MCS notes)
19 & 20 Combinatorics Math for CS - MIT (Lecture 16 and 17 and reading from MCS notes)

Weekly readings